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Thank you for purchasing our book, The Solutions for Marriages. Listed below is the complete set of files currently available for mentors.

Permission is granted to you to print and distribute copies of these resources for exclusive use in your individual pastoral, mentoring or counseling practice. Please do not remove source or copyright information from any files, even if you alter them in any way.

Additional files will be added to this section periodically. If you need something else, please contact us using our contact form and we will try to provide it.

Chapter 2: The First Meeting with Your Mentees

  • Emotional, Relational, Spiritual & Physical Questionnaire – Engaged – pdf | doc (premium content)
  • Emotional, Relational, Spiritual & Physical Questionnaire – Married – pdf | doc (premium content)

Chapter 4: Managing and Coping with Stress

  • Life Events and Stress – pdf (premium content)

Chapter 10: Financial Management

  • Questions to Discuss About Finances – pdf (premium content)
  • Biblical Principles of Financial Management – pdf (premium content)
  • Meaning of Money Assessment – xls (premium content)

Chapter 16: Breaking Free from Pornography

  • Boundaries & Accountability for Mentees – pdf (premium content)

Chapter 18: Family of Origin

  • Circumplex Model – pdf | doc (premium content)

Chapter 20: Handling Cultural Differences

  • Holiday Planning Matrix – pdf (premium content)

Chapter 24: Biblical Roles of Husbands and Wives

  • Biblical Roles Worksheet – pdf (premium content)

Chapter 31: Remarriage

  • Questions Before Considering Remarriage – pdf (premium content)

Supplemental Materials for Mentors

  • Mentors Letter to Parents – doc (premium content)
  • Protecting Your Ministry From Spiritual Disaster – pdf (premium content)
  • How Relationships are Impacted by Cohabitation – pdf (premium content)
  • Topics to Discuss When Mentoring Military Couples – pdf (premium content)
  • Certificate of Completion – pdf | doc (premium content)