Marriage can be the most challenging human relationship, and yet, many enter into it without developing the skills necessary to have a successful, life-long relationship. Soon they find themselves enduring the frustrations, disagreements and loneliness that emerge, assuming “This must be all there is,” or thinking “We’ve made a big mistake.” Marriage doesn’t have to be that way.

In The Solution for Marriages, Jeff Murphy and Chuck Dettman show you what God’s fascinating design for marriage is and how successful marriage mentors and pastors are teaching couples to build awesome marriages. This guide masterfully combines timeless biblical wisdom, critical relationship skills, and empowering resources that have led many couples to a successful marriage.

For Marriage Mentors, Pastors and Counselors

While the vast majority of weddings take place in churches, few are prepared to provide pre-marriage mentoring and ongoing marriage enrichment training that comprehensively covers biblical principles and best practices. Marriage mentors, pastors and counselors, using the The Solution for Marriages, can more effectively help couples address their unique issues and prepare for lifelong marriage. When this type of skilled marriage mentorship is provided, divorce is virtually eliminated.

As one overseer of an entire district of pastors recently said, “I wish I had this guide to help equip marriage mentors when I was in the pastorate.” The Solution for Marriages and the resources provided on this web site will take the professional’s and layperson’s mentoring to a whole new level.

For Individual Couples Looking to Improve their Relationship or Marriage

For couples without access to a marriage mentor and who are motivated to enrich their relationship, you can start by doing two things:

  1. Take the Couple Checkup, an online assessment tool designed to identify the unique relationship strengths and growth areas of dating, engaged, or married couples.
  2. Use a copy of The Solution for Marriages as your “virtual relationship mentor.” While initially written as a guide for marriage mentors, this comprehensive yet easy to read book can help you learn the skills necessary for a fulfilling marriage relationship.

The Solution for Marriages is a reference manual that you will benefit from during each of the stages of your marriage and life!

Thinking about becoming a marriage mentor?

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Read The Solution for Marriages to learn more about mentoring and the skills for a successful marriage.
  2. Evaluate the health of your marriage by taking the Couple Checkup.
  3. Confirm your readiness for mentoring by discussing your plans and your Couple Checkup results with your pastor, mentor, counselor or another mature couple.